Drink Smart. Drink Safe.


in your


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STEPs to test

your drink for date rape drugs

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Place a drop of your beverage onto both spots of one test.

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Smear each gently, wait until dry.

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If either spot turns to a darker blue color, scroll for instructions.

What if a

spot turns a darker blue?

If either spot on your test turns to a DARKER BLUE COLOR a positive test result has occured. Many colored beverages will impart a slight hue to the test spots; this is not a positive result. Tap water and certain mineral waters may impart a slight hue to the test spots while the test is drying. This is not a positive result, and should dissipate when dry. When in doubt with any beverage, always discard.

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NEVER LEAVE A DRINK UNATTENdED. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY MILK PRODUCTS OR BEVERAGES CONTAINING MILK PRODUCTS, creme or oily liquors. some fruit juices and some waters may render a false positive result.

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Drink Smart. Drink Safe.